Friday, 11 May 2012

Website Of The Week Firefly House

I discovered this site when looking for unusual sofas for a friend – not unusual that they look amazing but that’s all they do look fabulous – look unusual and can be used ……. The site is packed with amazing pieces of furniture and also accessories and ideas.

Firefly House was founded in 2003 by friends Jan Aitken and Russell Davis, who share a love of design. We have a studio in North London. Jan went to Farnham Art College, and followed a career as a textile designer consulting for the likes of ICI on a global basis. She has been an interior designer for 20 years, having worked for KA International and Graham & Green (London) before starting up her own business. Russell started his career in the City until realising he far preferred the look of aluminium to trading it. He knows his George Nelson from his Alvaar Aalto and is the commercial brains of the family.

These are my favourite, quirky pieces from the site …

Ernest Race Dormouse sofa £1750.00 Firefly House (see more)

This is what turned me onto this site and their quirky but lovable range – this sofa dates from the 1950’s and is called the Dormouse sofa and designed by Ernest Race for Race Furniture. Firefly House obtained this from the original owner who bought it on Tottenham Court Road in the 1950's. They have had it completely stripped and re-built- Covered in a Grey Bute fabric with brightly coloured buttons it meets all modern fire regulations. This sofa is incredibly rare indeed- they also have two armchairs also from the Dormouse suite available.

Alvar Aalto model 44 chair £3995.00 Firefly House (see more)

The low-set Aalto Lounge chair was first designed by Alvar Aalto in 1935. Aalto developed a revolutionary technique for bending thick layers of birch laminate into indented closed loops. These pieces were used as elegantly curved frames for a number of ground breaking furniture products, including this chair. A uniquely connected armrest and frame has become the signature feature of the stunning 44 armchair- Made in Finland by Finmar dating from the 1930's. The chair has been reupholstered in a Holland & Sherry fabric. No repairs to the frame and all original springs- Width: 62cm Depth: 84cm Height: 64cm

Richard Schultz Petal table for Knoll £2750.00 Firefly House (see more)

A stunning early 1960's Petal table for Knoll in fantastic original condition, all eight Redwood "petals" are in excellent condition with no damage. White aluminium base in original finish which has no damage- just love this.

Crittal mirror £1500.00 Firefly House (see more)

A huge mirror that has been made from an early 19th Century Crittal window taken from a demolished warehouse, they have had antiqued mirror glass puts in the window panes to create this stunning piece- huge cast iron frame with intricate detail- they also have an identical mirror to this one if a pair was desired- Width: 137cm Height: 190cm

Sammy the Sausage dog £35.00 Firefly House (see more)

Sammy the Sausage dog, designed and hand stitched by Yukari Sweeney Design. Part of the profit is donated to dog rescue – which we love.

Beware the Moon Skulls Mauve on Cement wallpaper £23 EX VAT per metre Firefly House (see more)

Hand-printed - soft Mauve skull motif on a matt khaki/cement coloured base. Printed on standard paper- Sold by the Meter- Width 52cm, sold by the metre Repeat 96.50cm

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