Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Sea Shells On The Sea Shore…….

Last weekend we had sent to us an amazing candle which has the most amazing scent – it’s a brand we hadn’t tried before and we love it so we have been testing more of their range plus the last few days we have been doing a favour for a family friend walking her two huge dogs on a deserted windswept beach – let me say it’s  like beach bootcamp after walking a tiny Chihuahua – they race everywhere – the beach has that amazing  seaside scent which you instantly remember as holidays and sand in your shoes etc – so this week I’ve been having a nautical seaside theme to my décor ideas.

Enigma Soap Dish £15.99 Zara Home (see more)

A metal soap dish based on the shape of a scallop shell with small feet – perfect for adding a touch of the seaside to the bathroom.

Hydrea Decorative Shells £1.99 Dunelm (see more)

These Hydrea Decorative Shells are the perfect accessory for a relaxing bathroom. Display them in a pretty bowl to create the perfect atmosphere for an indulgent spa experience.

Coastal Waters Housewarmer Candle £15.45 Yankee Candle (see more)

This is such a clean scent and very reminiscent of the ocean - Burn Time 65 - 90 hours.

Sun & Sand  Small Tumbler Candle £9.25 Yankee Candle (seemore)

A tropical beach breeze of sweet orange flower, lemony citrus, fresh lavender and powdery musk- this is perfect for your bathroom if you’re planning a relaxing bath or to lift the mood in your living area - Burn Time 35 - 45 hours.

Beach Walk Large Tumbler Candle £13.69 Yankee Candle (see more)

Refreshing salt water and sea musk warmed with sunny notes of tangerine and orange blossom- this is delicious and would be perfect for any room - Burn Time 70 - 90 hours.

Rusty Shapes From £2.50 Re-Found Objects (see more)

A wreath, crown, escutcheon, tree, faith hope & charity and key perfect for adding some small detailed décor to a room.

On the beach sign £6.40 BHS (see more)

Decorate your home with this wooden “on the beach” sign- L:25cm W:1.2cm H:12.5cm

Small Porthhole Lantern £25.00 Marks & Spencer (see more)

Brighten up your home with this classic lantern. Just add a candle.

Fish Weight Doorstops £19.96 to £24.95 (see more)

Round ball shape doorstop with a welded metal ring handle on top. 

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