Friday, 27 January 2012

Let’s cook up something different ……

The strange thing is when people are buying a house they put massive amounts of creativity into their home and their own unique stamp on each room – as you grow older your tastes develop and I’m sure when we look back in ten years’ time at our early efforts at decorating and home DIY we will cringe at our taste but hey this is a learning curve – but it seems to me the one main room in the house which seems to just be bypassed is the kitchen –it’s either white and very utilitarian or faux wood effect and rustic twee effect ….. 

But more and more kitchen are coming down in price and more imagine is being used if you look round.
This week we have been showing how to be a little bolder with colour and revamp, remodel or update your kitchen if you’re on a budget – but if you have the money why not just step out side the white or rustic wood box and look at these ….

Daytona Wickes (

This is a light wood kitchen which has sleek lines and will look great with a strong bold colour scheme to really add some zest to it. Plus this particular range has some very creative storage ideas which if you have a small space could allow you to be more creative.

Hygena Kitchens Valencia (

This is very sleek lines and contemporary looking – it comes in grey , black or plum gloss so you can have quite a sleek glossy high shine finish to your kitchen – will look amazing with chrome appliances to add to the high shine effect.

Ikea Faktum /Abstrakt/Rubrik Kitchen (

Take a basic high shine white sleek lined kitchen and add coloured panels to the kitchen cupboard doors and the work island panels in a bright zest lime green and you have some real interest and colour in a basic white kitchen – follow through with paint work and appliances and you can transform a white kitchen into a coloured kitchen.

Cooke & Lewis Kitchens (

B&Q do a great range of very sleek and expensive looking kitchens which are a bit over the Ikea and Homebase price point but have lots more features and some very cool features – rounded corners – coloured illuminated panels’ bright high gloss colours of red and plum – these are fabulous kitchens.

Magnet (

Basically they can take a kitchen and adapt it and make it more personal as you can see from the image – this has a huge blown up image across the cupboards – I would do some amazing Georgia O’Keeffe floral image with a burst of colour which I could then tie in with coloured walls and accessories.
So no excuses for a boring bland kitchen ……….

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