Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Jamies Pukka Gifts...

Everybody has a favorite famous chef and if Jamie Oliver is yours or someone you know there are lots of different gift ideas for Christmas.

From yummy food to how to kits and cook books Jamie fan would be happy with any of them.

Jamie Oliver Bruschetta Board Set £16.00 www.boots.com

Jamie Oliver Perfect Pasta Kit £16.00 www.boots.com

Jamie Oliver Two of a Kind Olive Jars £10.00 www.debenhams.com

Jamie Oliver Jamies Italy Recipe Book £15.00 www.boots.com

Jamie Oliver Rub a Dub Dub Spice Mixes Set £15.00 www.debenhams.com

 Junior Jamie Oliver Biscuits and Brownies Set £13.00 www.boots.com

Jamie Oliver The Jamettes Jam Trio £10.00 www.debenhams.com

Green Fingered Gifts

With more people staying at home and entertaining people are paying more attention to how their gardens look than before so help someone along by getting them a Christmas gift for their garden and if they don't have a garden give them a tiny piece of garden with the the grow your own herb pots.

BBC Gardeners World Grow Your Own Parsley, Chives and Rosemary £14.00 www.boots.com

BBC Gardeners World Pruning Set £20.00 www.boots.com

BBC Gardeners World Bird House £10.00 www.boots.com

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