Thursday, 6 October 2011

Working from Home .... Office Essentials

Once you have your desk and chair sorted and you are set to go all you need are the small essentials that help you keep everything neat and organized.

Rochelle Table Lamp £25.00
If your like me and you get carried away working at the laptop a lamp is a must so you don't end up straining your eyes.

Signum Cable Organiser £5.99
This is great to stop you tripping over all your wires and also if you have a pet that likes to chew things it will save you from having to buy a new laptop charger every week.

File / Magazine Holder £4.50

A4 File Suspension Box £4.95
If you don't have space for a filing cabinet these are really handy at keeping everything organized. 
Suspension Files Pack of 5 £3.95

Dokument Wastepaper Basket £4.89

Working From Home....Desks

 Working from home is hard trying to make a space to put all your work things and still have it fit in with your decor especially if you are turning the corner of a room in to your office.

First of with an office you have to think about a table as this is the staple piece of furniture in any office.

Laiva Desk £9.99
This is ideal if you are working to a budget, it is self assembly and you can paint or varnish it to fit in to your room. 

Powell Black Metal Height Adjustable Laptop Table £50.00
This is for if you just need somewhere to perch your laptop if you have a garden you could use this and work outside if it is a nice day.

Loft Desk £199.00
This desk comes with a fold out leaf so you have more work space and trays to place your paperwork and other office supplys. 

Isala Laptop Table £149.00
This desk comes with a perforated metal shelf so that your laptop doesn't over heat the back opens out for cables and the draw can lock so the whole of the top of the table can be used for other work things, the other great thing about this is that this table can blend in well and won't look like a home office table when you are not using it.  

James Desk £99.00
This Desk has more of a contemporary feel to it with a black glass top. 

Watson Desk £279
This is the perfect mini office as it has a built in shelf and storage space all you need is a chair and a lamp and you are good to go.

Working from Home ....Chairs

Office chairs are harder than picking a table I think because you have to be really comfortable with the chair you choose as you will be sat on it all day everyday.

Make sure you also think about other factors of the room you will be using as a chair with wheels will not be to great on a think pile carpet and may ruin it.

Giles Office Chair £25.00

Snille Chair £14.99

Bamboo Office Chair £149.00

Working From Home...

When working from home you have to think of somewhere you will feel comfortable working and somewhere where all you work equipment will fit without taking over a room especially if you don't have a spare room you can call an office. 

Sometimes all the space you have to set up your "office" is your kitchen/dinning room table so at the end of the day you don't really want to have work out so you need somewhere to pack up for the night to.

Wide Drawer £25.95

Muji do these plastic boxes which I use to hold all my stationary and paperwork. They come in different sizes and you can stack them and a handy plus is that you can get wheels for them so they are easily wheeled from room to room if you have people over you can wheel them into hiding.

If you are short on space sometimes thinking outside the box help as well if you live in a house and you have unused space under your stairs you could think about turning this space into your new home office.
If the space is covered by a cupboard wall you might want to take this down to bring it out into the hall so your not sat in a dark cupboard trying to work.Check that this won't compromise the structure of the stairs first you don't want to be walking up the stairs and then end up on your office table the next minute.

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