Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Doggie Dressing up Box ...

If you are going to get dressed up this year for halloween why not let your dog get in on the fun too.

I think I will be getting my dog the little devil costume because he can be a little evil some times.

Skeleton Dog Costume £5.00 www,

Dracula Dog Costume £5.00

Witch Dog Costume £5.00

Devil Dog Costume £5.00

Dressing Up Box ...

Halloween is a few weeks away but if you need to start thinking about a costume now because if you leave it to late you won't get the costume you really want as they will be all sold out as I found out last year and you don't even have to try and hunt out a good party shop to find a great costume as most of the supermarkets have a huge selection of costumes.

I think I will be a witch this year how about you?

Nun Costume £10.00

Angel Set £5.00

Ladies Devil Outfit £17.00

Ladies Witch Outfit £17.00

Mens Dracula Outfit £15.00

Hannibal Costume £35.00

Convict Outfit £17.00

Halloween Cross Stitch

If you are planning on doing any crafting for halloween I have two perfect cross stitch patterns.

These can go on anything from Trick or Treat bags to T - Shirts.

Spooky Decorations...

I love a good party and can not wait for halloween at the end of the month so I have been looking for the best decorations to make my party look great and all of the supermarkets have a great selection of decorations and they are all well priced so hopefully if I don't get too carried away I won't spend all my shoe  funds on this party.

20cm Light up Pumpkin £5.00

Pumpkin Musical Lights £10.00

6ft Spider Web £5.00

Skeleton Kit £5.00

Lace Crow £5.00

Light up Ghost £6.00

Eyeball Light String 8-Pack £6.00

Tealights 12 Pack £2.00

Spider Web Candle Holder £8.00

Marble Skull Head £6.00

Witch Silhouette Tealight Holder £3.50

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