Tuesday, 13 September 2011

All Sewn up...

If you like to get crafty or have been thinking about it but don't have that much money to spend o a sewing machine then I think I have the perfect solution.

John Lewis Mini Sewing Machine £59 www.johnlewis.com

This is a great sewing machine it is compact so it won't take up to much space, it is simple to use  and it is reasonably priced so if it is your first try at doing this it isn't such a big commitment to make and if you decide you love doing crafty things with your sewing machine you can then go on to buy a more sate of the art machine that you can do more with.  

Safety First.....

Its nice to have a first aid box in your bathroom but sometimes there is no room if you only have a tiny cabinet above you sink which can hardly fit the essentials let alone a first aid kit.

This is why these boxes from The Holding Company are great they are french designed and both have lockable doors which means if you have any children in your home or have children visit you know that the medicines inside the boxes are out of harms way.

Mon Petit Hopital Medicine Cabinet £45.00 www.theholdingcompany.co.uk

Premiers Secours Medicine Cabinet £39.00 www.theholdingcompany.co.uk

I think these add a bit of fun into the bathroom instead of a normal first aid box and you could just use them as a bathroom cabinet if you like to be different.

Movie Night

I love a good night in with the girls watching the new releases that we missed/ or loved at the cinema or a good classic film that we love to pull out. 

Popcorn Bowl £5.00 www.urbanoutfitters.co.uk

To make movie night fun I have these popcorn bowls that look cinema boxes they are big enough to share but who likes to share so I have a few so everyone can have their own and we are not fighting over what flavor to make.

I think this week on our list of DVDs its a bit of a mix with horror and romance, I think we will save the romance till last so we can all get to sleep after the scary horror.

Insidious, 15, £8.99 www.hmv.com

Even the adverts scare me with this film so I think I might be behind my cushion for most of it with the lights on.

Water for Elephants, 12, £12.93 www.hmv.com

Roomate, 15 , £7.49 www.hmv.com

This film reminded me of a friend soo much I decided not to be friends with her anymore.


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