Thursday, 2 June 2011

Barbara Hulanicki does decorating ……….

Part of my on-going obsession with Biba and Barbara Hulanicki I have now discovered she has done a range of paints and wall papers for Graham & Brown.

Paints ……

She has done 24 coloured paints and they cover a wide spectrum – I love she has done some quite dark colours as I know not everyone wants girly pinks and baby blues and the names are fun.
I like the Fetish and I also love how when you look at the paint colour in a room setting they have a box at the bottom which suggests wallpapers and wall art to compliment this colour way

She has done an amazing range of 17 designs in wall paper which run from Diva to Skulls and Baroque …..

Diva 30.00 (grahambrown)

This is 52.0cm width and 10.0m length per roll – a classic but dramatic statement wall paper.
Shoes £60.00 (grahambrown)

I saw this and melted and suddenly was thinking how can I have this in a room …..this is 52.0cm wide and 10.00m length 
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