Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Commuter cushion………

Sink back after a hard days travel on this cushion or just laugh at the irony after you have stood up the whole journey home on the train!

I thought this was amusing and also quite a great addition to anyone’s soft furnishings in any room…….
This cushion is on Bouf one of my favourite sites as it was founded out of a practical idea – the man behind it Alex Griffin has the idea while browsing the stalls of Spitalfields Market in East London, he realised that thousands of designer-makers and distinctive brands  were being squeezed out by high street retailers and their generic product lines. Alex established Bouf to connect consumers directly with suppliers of unique products, making it easy to buy products that really stand out.
I think he is a real go to site as you know when you show people thing purchased from there they will always utter the immortal lineWhere did you find that?

So indulge in a hand silkscreen printed Travelcard cushions by Ashley Allen, the cushions are hand silk screen printed onto natural calico. The silk screen printing process means the finish of each cushion is unique. They are hand sewn with cotton, and stuffed with safe, washable, hygienic polyester stuffing which conforms to BS1425 and BS5852. The paint used is water based fabric paint, which has been heat-sealed and will retain its colour after washing.
It’s Width - 33.5 cm   Length - 23 cm

Travelcard Cushions £5.10 (Bouf)

Quick transformation…………

Okay you have either moved in to a flat share or your having to compromise with sofa until you can upgrade and you need to add some glamour and detract from the overbearing ugliness of the largest piece of furniture in the room – other than doing a crash course in upholstery and transforming it the only other thought is to use throws …….
If you think of a theme and pick out a few throws and cushions you can actually make this a more subtle feature not a nightmare which only looks good when people are sat on it ………You will have to become a little “anal” about smoothing and plumping if your to keep the desired look and not end up with a bunched mess….

Marks and Spencer do some great throws and not only are they excellent value but they wash and launder easily so you can freshen up quickly.
If you’re looking for a small sofa this baby chenille throw is perfect it comes in tow shades coral and cream and is L130 x W180cms with fringing on the end, made from 100% acrylic and can be washed in the machine – I have found these dry very quickly.

New Baby Chenille Throw £12.00 (marksandspencer)
The next chenille throw comes in two sizes and four shades so you have more versatile – the colours are chocolate, dark red, gold and lavender, finished off with a fringe  and it is sized Small: H200 x W150cm - Large: H240 x W230cm – made from 100% acrylic it is machine washable.

Perfect Chenille Throw £29.50 to £45.00 (marksandspencer)
If you’re looking for something a little thicker and maybe not as silky this woven slub throw is perfect in cream and made from 100% cotton it has a long fringing and made from 100% cotton – this is dry clean only and sized L200 x W150cm.

Woven Slub Throw £29.50 (marksandspencer)
If you’re looking to further accessorize then Marks and Spencer do some great cushions at £6.00 each and they come in three colours from cream, duck egg and red. They are square shaped and sized L43 x W43cm with a ribbed textured fabric, the cover is cotton with recycled polyester inner and the cover can be machine washed.

Outstanding Value Handloom Cushion £6.00 (marksandspencer)
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