Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Cupcake & muffin time………..

Yes everyone loves cupcakes – I’m no exception there is something about sinking your teeth into that fabulous icing which is undiluted joy………

Making your own is very easy but getting the cupcake perfect in the first place is very important – so picking the right baking case is half the job – I love these silicon cupcake cases as they really do work – they stay ridged so you don’t have misshapen blobs to try and coax’s into shape and they are easy to remove the finished cupcake or muffin from and they wash in the dishwasher!

Habitat do some and they are perfect – these are definitely tried and tested ……..
They have two sizes regular and mini they are brightly coloured silicon cases in a pack of twelve – they are also perfect for muffins if you’re looking to bake breakfast muffins.

Poppie set of 12 muffin forms brightly coloured silicon muffin cases in a pack of 12 £6.00 (Habitat)

Poppie pack of 12 silicon mini muffin cases in assorted pastel colours £4.50 (Habitat)

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